Welcome to Milhao’s new factory

By Equipe Milhão Ingredients

2018 marks a new phase for Milhao. Since November 2017 a large part of our team has moved to the new headquarters located at GO-070 in Goianira and it is ready to serve its clients from Brazil and the world. The new plant has approximately 121,000m² and a productive capacity of 18,000 tons per month.

In the new phase, Milhao wants to further expand its market niches, as well as its product mix, through its research and development of new corn derivatives. For this, it has a modern structure with three laboratories, each one focused on an activity: classification analysis laboratory, laboratory of physical-chemical analysis and microbiological analysis laboratory.

Our process has the most advanced industrial resources, such as the digital selector that inspects each grain to meet high technical standards. In addition, our mills are imported from Turkey and our machinery comes from the best suppliers in the world.

Currently, we offer a diversified mix with more than 25 GMO-Free corn derivatives, including whole flint corn, corn kernels, corn hominy, corn grits, corn flour and corn cream. That is why, with only 15 years of operation in the national and international market, Milhao has among its clients some of the main food industries in the world.

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