How to identify transgenic and non-transgenic foods

By Equipe Milhão Corn Ingredients
With ever more competitive shelves and high growth trends in the healthy food market, non-GMO products have been falling in consumer tastes. It is increasingly common for industries to stand out for their packaging with competitive advantages, such as “non-transgenic”, “natural”, “less sodium” or “organic”.
Do you know how to identify transgenic and non-transgenic products? So stay tuned! GMO products are required to identify the characteristic on their labels. They wear the “T-Seal”. Non-GMOs use the “non-GMO” label, “no GMO”, “non-GMO” or “GMO Free”.
Unlike transgenic, the non-transgenic ingredient provides higher quality products. Non-GMOs undergo strict control of various contaminants, mainly mycotoxins, genetic and allergenic alterations. High-level industries use non-GMO ingredients in their products and offer more health and safety to end consumers.
Milhao is specialized in the production of ingredients derived from non-GM corn (GMO Free) for industry. Our entire production process is meticulously monitored to ensure the quality of our products and to optimize the routine of our customers.



About Milhão Alimentos
Milhão Alimentos is one of the 500 largest companies in Brazil and the 7th largest in the Pasta & Flour category. Specializing in the manufacture of maize derivatives, it has the Corn Flint, which provides better yield, and GMO Free seal, which guarantees GMO free products. Quality and safety are also part of our DNA. All production processes are carefully monitored, from the selection of seeds to the planting of maize and the strict selection of grains, to cleaning processes and quality tests, certified by internationally recognized certifications – FSSC 22000, Halal, Kosher, WGC (Integral). With 15 years of operation, Milhão’s products are distributed throughout Brazil and exported to more than 37 countries. The company has among its customers some of the world’s leading food industries, with which it shares its commitment to quality and safety of the corn flint GMO Free. More information:

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