Corn germ guarantees health and weight gain of animals

By Equipe Milhão Ingredients

Corn germ is ideal for animal nutrition, such as the fattening process in confinement. It presents higher availability of nutrients relative to whole corn, especially energy, higher digestibility of crude protein and dry matter. It is also rich in amino acids. All this guarantees health and weight gain of animals.


The corn germ is still standardized and already ground ready for inclusion in the mixtures. The solution eases the routine of breeders and animal feed industries, accelerating processes and increasing productivity and profitability.

Milhao corn industry specializes in the production of corn germ. It is obtained from the same processes of production of our other products, aimed at human nutrition, because we understand that the animals also deserve quality and safety. Here we exclusively process corn, which guarantees a high purity of our corn germ.

Corn benefited from Milhao, which gives origin to the germ, is strictly monitored, from the selection of seeds for planting corn and careful selection of grains, export standard and free of GMOs (GMO Free). We use flint corn, a variation of corn best in quality, color and hardness, which provides higher yield.

Check out the advantages of our corn germ for animal feed:

– Ensures greater weight gain;
– Ingredient can be included in diets for all animal species;
– Ideal for manufacturing of pet food;
– Availability throughout the year, even in the off season;
– Rich in energy and amino acids;
– Facilitates the balancing of rations with higher energy requirements;
– It presents a high degree of purity;
– Availability of bagged, bulk and big bag delivery.

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