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Chickpea Pulse

About the product:
Million Chickpea Pulse is rich in protein and amino acids. It is a transgenic-free (GMO-FREE) and gluten-free ingredient, ideal for animal protein and wheat replacement. It is obtained through a modern process of classification and grinding of chickpeas.

Purposes of use:
Raw material for the manufacture of vegan products in place of animal protein, dehydrated soups, baking, gluten-free pasta.

Ingredient GMO-FREE, gluten-free, with important source of nutrients, rich in proteins, fibers, B-complex vitamins and minerals. Ideal for products that follow the Clean Label trend.

Most common trade names:
Chickpea Pulse



Gluten free





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Microbiological Features +
Bacilluscereus Max. 1,0 x 10⁴ UFC / g
Fungi and Yeasts Max. 100 UFC / g
Salmonella* Absence in 25 g
Coliform to 45° Max 100 UFC / g
Physical and Chemical Characteristics +
% Retention in sieves (ABNT)
40 (0,425mm) Max. 0%
80 (0,180mm) Max. 40%
Background Min. 60%
Moisture Max. 13,0%
Nutritional Characteristics

Nutritional Composition Portion of 100g

Energy - 382.91 Kcal
Carbohydrates - 62.41 g
Proteins - 18.4 g
Total Fats - 6.6 g
Saturated Fats - 0.9 g
Dietary Fiber - 4.95 g
Sodium - 24.71 mg
Sensory Characteristics

Characteristic Odor and Flavor

Kraft Paper Sack or Raffia 20 Kg

180 days from the date of manufacture, in the original packaging not tampered with, in a clean, dry, cool and free of infestations and materials that may contaminate.