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SnackBeer / Corn Grits

Corn Grits – GMO Free: Raw material used in the production of beer, also used for the production of snacks, flakes, bird feed and food packaging industry.




Gluten free


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Microbiological Features +
Bacillus cereus: Máx. 3,0 x 10³ UFC / g
Salmonelas: Ausência em 25 g
Coliformes fecais: Máx. 1 x 10² UFC / g
Physical and Chemical Characteristics +
SIEVE (ABNT) Standard
16 (1,18 mm) Máx 1,0
35 (0,500 mm) 60 - 90
60 (0,250 mm) Máx. 30,0
Through Max. 4,0
Moisture Max. 13,0 %
Oil Content Max. 0,8 %
Acidity (ml sol. 1N de NaOH/100g) Máx. 0,3 %
GMO Absent
Desoxinivalenol Máx. 750 ppb
Fumonisinas (B1 e B2) Máx. 1000 ppb
Zearalenona Máx. 150 ppb
Ocratoxina A Máx. 10 ppb
Aflatoxin Absent
Sensory characteristics

Appearance: Permeated endosperm, without film.
Yellow color.
Odor: Characteristic of corn.

Bags of braided polypropylene, raffia type, with net weight of 22.7kg / 25kg / 50kg / Big Bag / in bulk.
Shelf life

365 days from production day, protected from sun. Should be kept in clean, dry and fresh place, away from infestations and impurities.

In the case that the characteristics will exceed the limits specified, the product will be destined to other purposes and/or for clients where specification fits.