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By Equipe Milhão Ingredients

Being a NON GMO corn industry is not only to offer “transgenic free” products, It is to have origin, identity, quality and monitored technical standards in each one of the stages of production, to offer a final product with singular quality.


The caution with non-transgenic flint corn begins even before the plantation, in direct partnership with the agri producer. Our agronomists follow and guide the agri producer over the selection of seeds, the cultivation care, harvesting and safe storage.

All this meticulous traceability process of non-transgenic flint maize ensures that our derivatives are in agreement with the most solid Non GMO quality standards. The Milhão’s corn industry complies with the world’s most important safety certifications (FSSC 22000, Kosher, Halal, WGC Integral, IP – Identity Preservation) and the best quality seals (Whole Corn, Flint Maize, GMO Free).

When arrives at the Milhão facility, the corn is subjected to a detailed process. The grain goes to a cleaning steps and follows for processing in a modern selection of degeneration and grinding machines. Our ingredients still undergo to a rigorous final quality testing before deliver the product to our clients.

The product evolution is a priority of our quality research and development team, which continuously improves our inputs to attend the specific needs of our customers by providing the ideal non-GMO ingredient for the final product they need. Our process has the highest technology industrial resources, which guarantees ideal granulometry, strict control of mycotoxins and low levels of fumonisin, attending even the most sensitive demands of the food industry, such as baby food.

Nowadays we offer a diversified mix with more than 30 non-GM ingredients, including whole flint corn, hominy, xerem, corn grits, corn flour and corn cream. That’s why, with 17 years of experience in the national and international market, Milhão Ingredients has among its customers some of the world’s leading food industries such as Danone, Pepsico, Nestlé, Universal Food and Kellogg’s.



The dedication to take to the customers the best industrial ingredients of Corn flint – Non GMO has resulted in important awards. Milhão is one of the 500 largest agribusiness companies in Brazil, according to Globo Rural Magazine.

Another important award is to be among the 300 largest agribusiness in the country, according to the magazine Dinheiro Rural – Isto É. Pointing even more our continued growthing, the non-transgenic corn industry Milhão was elected the 2nd best company in Corporate Management, the 5th best company in Financial Management and is among the top 5 in Grains.



Our customers grow, we grow as well. The increase of the production due to higher demand for our flint Non GMO Corn ingredients and the conquest of new markets brought the necessity to expand our manufacturing structure. The new Milhão factory is at full steam on a large area of ​​121,000 m², with 3 modern laboratories  of quality control. Our industry has a productive capacity of 18,000 tons per month to continue to share with customers a commitment to the quality and safety of their products.

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