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IP Quality System Certification - GMO FREE

The IP Quality System (Identity Preserved) is a program that ensures food, GMO Free seeds and animal production, that is, non-GMO. The certification is developed by IBD, based on the Genescan General Standard and provided by Cerd ID, with the objective of evaluating the products to control the presence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), guaranteeing GMO Free - Free from transgenics.

Quality Certification - FSSC 22000

Considered one of the most effective food safety systems - FFSC - Foundation For Food Safety Certification, developed the reference FSSC 22000 - Food Safety System Certification, a certification scheme for food processing industry, based on ISO 22000 standards, ISO 22003 and the technical specifications of the PPR - Prerequisite Programs (ISO TS 22002-1 and PAS 223). This certification scheme is recognized by the GFSI - Global Food Safety Initiative.

Quality System Certification - Kosher

Quality Certification System – Kosher – A document to certify that the products are manufactured according to specific rules of orthodox Jewish diet. Widely recognized and assigned as a synonym for maximum quality control.

Quality System Certification - Halal

Islamic Inspection Services is a system of standards and rules, well documented that ensures consistency and improvement of working practices, including manufactured goods and services.

Seal WGC - Full Product

The seal The Whole Grains Council (WGC) and given to whole grain products. The Milhão Corn ingredients received this seal for the production of whole maize flour (FecoMix 425 IN). This achievement of the Milhão assures customers that the full corn flour is 100% full, while also ensuring that during the process, the beans do not lose nutrient composition.

Organic Certification

The organic product certificate is a document issued by Ecocert Brasil. The certification regulation covers all primary or processed products that will be marketed as organic in the Brazilian, European and American territory. The standards define the requirements to be met by all producers, processors or traders of organic products, and the organic traceability of the entire production chain is the main characteristic to be respected.

Sedex Global

Milhão Corn Ingredients is registered in the Global Sedex. Sedex is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering improvements in responsible and ethical business practices in global supply chains. Through this record, Milhão Corn Ingredients accesses efficiently in order to stimulate our continuous improvement, labor standards, health and safety, environment and business ethics, internationally recognized.

Certificação Gluten Free

Milhão is Food Chain ID certified as a Gluten Free industry. This certificate confirms the absence of gluten in Milhão products and all processes and is issued following the FoodChain ID Gluten-Free Certification Standard which covers the purchase, production, handling, processing, storage, distribution and labeling of food.

Selo Alimento Confiável

The Reliable Food Program analyzes suitability and traceability and issues a quality seal that complies with Good Manufacturing Practices in the food industry, as well as Food Safety requirements.
The Reliable Food Seal is provided by SIAEG - Food Industry Union in the State of Goiás and confirms the quality of GMO-FREE ingredients and processes of Milhão Corn Ingredients.


O selo Great Place to Work (GPTW) atesta a qualidade do ambiente de trabalho da Milhão Ingredients. Esse reconhecimento coloca a empresa como uma das melhores do Brasil para se trabalhar.