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Milhão makes significant investments in pursuit of excelling quality in management and production processes, as well as meeting the expectations, requirements and worldwide customers’ standards.


Aware of prerogatives of increasingly demanding markets, Milhão Alimentos selects the raw material to be processed through analysis and physical classification, purchasing only products that meet the specification of quality and norms of food safey.

In this way, Milhão assures that the product processing of Milhão Alimentos is non-GMO, free from pesticides, and any other hazards.

5S Program

Initial step and basis for implementation of total quality, the 5S Program is named after the first letter of five Japanese words: Seiri (use), Seiton (sorting), Seiso (cleaning), Seiketsu (hygiene) and Shitsuke (self-discipline). The program aims to mobilize, motivate and raise awareness throughout the company for Total Quality through organization and discipline in workplace.

Good Agricultural Practices Program

Getting healthy food or food produced with respect over the environment and  welfare of workers is Consumers’s latest concern. Good Agricultural Practices was born in this context, and can be defined as ” The best way to cultivate products and give that as guarantee.”

BPA’s are a set of principles, standards and technical recommendations applied to production, processing and transport of food, mainly oriented to safeguard human health, protect the environment and improve working conditions for producers. About that, Milhão has produced a manual to attest the products’ quality standards.


Good Manufacturing Practice – GMP

This Anvisa certification covers a range of measures that should be adopted by the food industry to ensure the health quality and compliance of food products with technical regulations. Federal health legislation regulates these measures in general, which are applied to all kinds of food industry specially to industries processing certain categories of foods.