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Milhão is guided by the seriousness in the business conduction, promoting the respect to good practices of corporate governance, and our main principle is keeping basic values such as professional ethics, praising our staff and all the members of our commercial and productive chain in this sector.

This principle expresses respect, trust, transparency and commitment to our partners in our daily relationship.

70% of the industry is directed to food and the other 30% for animal nutrition.

GMO Free
Good agricultural practices aims to guarantee the use of GMO- free raw materials in its diverse product line. Milhão develops acquisition corn program with Preserved Identity to understand that safety is food’s most important ingredient.

Baby Foods
We specialize in providing safe food for infant nutrition, which has specific features in their requirements.

Corn Sales
Experts accompany market quotes, conduct negotiations and transactions of the commodity corn ensuring all logistics, storage and delivery of corn.

Things such as environmental protection, as well as rentable conditions and producer’s works are important to keep up with the high standard assured by the company. Since the partnership with technical assistance, grants and financing to fund planting, to harvesting and storage, Milhão is involved in the entire productive chain.