MilhãoO Grupo › History

  1. 2002

    • It was a small corn processing industry focused on retail
    • Acquired by siblings Leandro Carneiro and Luciano Carneiro.
    • Released its first logo.
  2. 2003

    • Released the first website: www.milhao.net
  3. 2004

    • Milhão opens its first agricultural store.
  4. 2005

    • Change of focus: retail to industry.
  5. 2006

    • Re-launch of the website www.milhão.net completely renovated.
    • New logo is released.
  6. 2007

    • Started the Industrial Development Program of Goiás, called "Produzir".
  7. 2008

    - Ingredients production to other industries, using only natural corn (GMO FREE) for export.
    - First exportation to Poland
    - Exportations in European Union
  8. 2009

    - Started off business with Pepsico and Kellogg's.
    - Participated in the first International Fair Salima in Czech Republic.
    - Participated in the International Fair Filda, Angola.
    - Next destinations: Philippines, Haiti, Venezuela, Caribbean and China.
  9. 2010

    - Corporate management reestructured
  10. 2011

    - Milhão in the media: participation in Foreign Trade Magazine field
    - Implementation of Strategic Planning.
  11. 2012

    - Solidification of costumer’s portfolio.
    - Become big brands’ supplier, with worldwide recognition.
  12. 2013

    - Implementation of programs of incentive to commercial area: Gladiators and Program of Excellence Brazil - PEF (Award Policy) .
    - SGS- HACCP certification, strengthening the commitment to food safety and customer’s satisfaction.
  13. 2014

    - Agribusiness core strengthening and beginning of storage in Goianira-GO .
    - Implementation of programs: Business Owners - PLR; Quality Reason for Being; Leaders Academy.
  14. 2015

    - Quality certification of achievement FSSC 22000: food safety system guided within practices recognized worldwide.

    - Acquired Halal certification, which meets requirements of Islamic market. Also, Kosher Certification , which keeps the product in accordance with Jewish dietary laws .

    - Home partnership with Dom Cabral Foundation, one of the best business schools in Latin America.

    - Building new industry in Goianira-GO.

    - Milhão in the media: among the country’s 500 best agribusiness companies, according to Rural magazine Money.
    - Corn Sales Desk Training.
  15. 2016

    - Implementation of corporative management by Fundação Dom Cabral.
    - Research and development of new products.
  16. 2017

    Com o sucesso do balcão de milho, o próximo projeto é a implementação de balcão pra Vendas Milho de Pipoca.

    Nossos clientes crescem, crescemos também. O aumento da produção devido a alta procura por nossos ingredientes de milho não transgênico e a conquista de novos mercados trouxe a necessidade de ampliar nossa estrutura fabril.

    Hoje a Milhão é uma das melhores e mais modernas indústrias de milho do país!