MilhãoO Grupo › History

  1. 2002

    • It was a small corn processing industry focused on retail
    • Acquired by siblings Leandro Carneiro and Luciano Carneiro.
    • Released its first logo.
  2. 2003

    • Released the first website: www.milhao.net
  3. 2004

    • Milhão opens its first agricultural store.
  4. 2005

    • Change of focus: retail to industry.
  5. 2006

    • Re-launch of the website www.milhão.net completely renovated.
    • New logo is released.
  6. 2007

    • Started the Industrial Development Program of Goiás, called "Produzir".
  7. 2008

    - Ingredients production to other industries, using only natural corn (GMO FREE) for export.
    - First exportation to Poland
    - Exportations in European Union
  8. 2009

    - Started off business with Pepsico and Kellogg's.
    - Participated in the first International Fair Salima in Czech Republic.
    - Participated in the International Fair Filda, Angola.
    - Next destinations: Philippines, Haiti, Venezuela, Caribbean and China.
  9. 2010

    - Corporate management reestructured
  10. 2011

    - Milhão in the media: participation in Foreign Trade Magazine field
    - Implementation of Strategic Planning.
  11. 2012

    - Solidification of costumer’s portfolio.
    - Become big brands’ supplier, with worldwide recognition.
  12. 2013

    - Implementation of programs of incentive to commercial area: Gladiators and Program of Excellence Brazil - PEF (Award Policy) .
    - SGS- HACCP certification, strengthening the commitment to food safety and customer’s satisfaction.
  13. 2014

    - Agribusiness core strengthening and beginning of storage in Goianira-GO .
    - Implementation of programs: Business Owners - PLR; Quality Reason for Being; Leaders Academy.
  14. 2015

    - Quality certification of achievement FSSC 22000: food safety system guided within practices recognized worldwide.

    - Acquired Halal certification, which meets requirements of Islamic market. Also, Kosher Certification , which keeps the product in accordance with Jewish dietary laws .

    - Home partnership with Dom Cabral Foundation, one of the best business schools in Latin America.

    - Building new industry in Goianira-GO.

    - Milhão in the media: among the country’s 500 best agribusiness companies, according to Rural magazine Money.
    - Corn Sales Desk Training.
  15. 2016

    - Implementation of corporative management by Fundação Dom Cabral.
    - Research and development of new products.
  16. 2017

    Com o sucesso do balcão de milho, o próximo projeto é a implementação de balcão pra Vendas Milho de Pipoca.

    Nossos clientes crescem, crescemos também. O aumento da produção devido a alta procura por nossos ingredientes de milho não transgênico e a conquista de novos mercados trouxe a necessidade de ampliar nossa estrutura fabril.

    Hoje a Milhão é uma das melhores e mais modernas indústrias de milho do país!
  17. 2018

    With the start of activities at the new manufacturing plant in Goianira, industrial activities in Inhumas were closed.

    We went through an external audit carried out by KPMG.

    The R&D area was structured to develop new solutions in ingredients.

    There was a change in Milhão's positioning from the food industry to the corn ingredients industry.
  18. 2019

    The year was marked by major changes at Milhão. The first highlight was the implementation of corporate governance.

    We achieved two more certifications, Organic Products for the Brazilian, North American and European markets, and the Trustworthy Food seal.

    By improving the positioning for the ingredients industry, we innovated starting the production of new solutions based on pulses (lentils, chickpeas, beans and peas) and rice.

    The foreign trade sector underwent restructuring to meet the growing international demand and expand the capacity for customized service for our foreign customers.
  19. 2020

    We started the year with the achievement of a new certificate: the Gluten Free products.

    We achieved the Great Place to Work certificate which recognizes Milhão Ingredients as one of the best companies to work on the Brazilian market.