Mission, vision and values

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Bring sustainable and healthy solutions, contributing to a better world.


Provide solutions for GMO Free corn ingredients and high quality specialty ingredients that generate value for our customers, shareholders, employees, partners and society, ensuring business sustainability.


Be the world reference in GMO Free Corn and healthy ingredients.


Food safety and quality
The company’s main reason to be. To guarantee the quality and continuous improvement of products and services, offering safe food and committing to the levels of plain satisfaction of our customers.

Innovation and Technology
Expanding the limits of knowledge, always seeking to bring new attributes, opportunities, successful ideas and continuous improvements to our product, always being one step ahead.

Be MDM (Be “the best of the world)

Seek excellence continuously, to be the “Best in the World”, to serve with enthusiasm, to have the feeling of “owner” generating superior results in everything we do with passion, More Attitude, Details to the Max and More Commitment.

Milhão family
Encourage in our daily life, simplicity and sincerity in relations, resulting from the diversity of cultures, genders, sexual orientations, religions, experiences and personalities. In the company, we support each other and enjoy being part of a team. We are part of a global network. We are a family!

To operate based on the highest ethical and transparent principles in the organization, because acting with integrity is vital to build and maintain trust and good relationships.

Social and Environmental responsibility
Encourage and promote solidarity citizenship actions, contributing to the community development and environmental preservation.

Our special focus is on our customers. We seek to present solutions and services that are surprising and charming, we value our relationship with each client and are very proud of it.