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In the company, agribusiness has emerged to ensure the quality of corn from planting to growth and finally the harvest. Group Milhão seeks to stimulate the best planting with the accompaniment of agronomists experts, grain storage and subsidies, fertilizers’ supply. This demand was developed for the “good agricultural practices manual” that summarizes the whole process. “For us, it is necessary to fulfill all the steps until the product reaches the expected features: red , productive, resistant to pests and weather, coarse and GMO free.”

The pillars of the agribusiness are:

– Seed Grant

– Promotion to the Producer

– Seed Exchange

– Fertilizers and pesticides

– Lock future price

– Lock the award for being conventional corn:

– Storage in Group Milhão

– Storage in the producer’s farm

– Technical assistance

– White Corn Partnership

Download our Good Agricultural Practices Manual

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